The stake assigned to monitor parking is responsible to ensure safe and organized parking and flow of vehicles.  The responsibilities related to this assignment include the following:

·        Prior to the harvest, make sure all parking signs and arrows are available and in good shape.

·        Place the parking arrows and signs at the appropriate place in the orchard prior to the first picking.  Consult the Pear    Farm Manager to determine the appropriate parking site for the each day’s picking.

·        Parking attendants must arrive at the orchard at least 20 minutes prior to picking time to make sure all signs are properly placed and to greet early arrivers.

·        Get parking vests from the barn and distribute to parking attendants.

·        Assign parking attendants to strategic locations at the entrance to the orchard and at other points important to maintain safety and proper parking. Generally, 3-5 people are needed on a daily basis to monitor parking.

·        Parking attendants should make sure that drivers drive slowly and cautiously while entering and exiting the orchard.

·        At the end of each day, consult with the Pear Farm Manager or Labor Coordinator to determine the appropriate parking location for the following day, and adjust signs as necessary.