Sign in Station

Station Responsibilities 

The stake in charge of the sign-in station is responsible for assuring that the sign-in tables and all accompanying equipment are in place and ready to go before pickers arrive.  This may require setup the night before when the station is moved to a new area of the orchard. The stake in charge of the sign-up tables is responsible for moving the tables and picking buckets to the new location when necessary. The stake is also responsible for properly training pickers.   Finally, sign-in responsibilities include providing a picking machine coordinator, responsible for assuring that the picking machine is always staffed. 

It is recommended that couples be assigned to each sign-in station.

·        Couples/individuals should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to each starting time.

·        Retrieve sign-in/out clipboards, pens, and refreshment from the office.

·        Set up the sign-in tables.

·        Prepare the sign-in station where assigned.

·        Welcome every volunteer with a cheerful attitude!  We want each person who comes to the farm to have an uplifting experience while serving. 

·        Ensure all volunteers sign in on the sheet for their individual stake.  We want all volunteers to sign the sign in sheet and the sign-out sheet at the same time.  Please make sure all volunteers sign the sign-in and the sign-out sheet as they enter the orchard.  (Signatures are required to release the church from liability.) When signing in and out, pickers should round to the nearest quarter of an hour (1/4, ½, ¾)    

·        Give directions to volunteers as to how to pick the fruit.

  1. Use the pear ring to measure small or questionable fruit. Instruct pickers to make sure they do not lose the ring or drop it in the bins.
  2. Gently lift up on the pears with the finger on the stem.

      (We want the stem remaining on the pear; discard any leaves)

c.     Gently place the pears in the basket.

  1. Gently empty the basket into the bins without dropping.
  2. Give instructions as to how to wear the picking bucket.
  3. Make sure everyone washes hands before entering the orchard to pick.
  4. Don’t leave bins partially filled. Fill a bin completely before starting a new bin.

·        Direct them to a Row Usher (wearing an orange vest) for their row assignment.

·        Thank them for their time and offer a refreshment as they leave.

·        Clarify and make necessary corrections for all recorded times for subsequent data entry. 

·        Make sure all buckets are properly stacked and the area is left clean

·        Turn all clipboards and tally sheets into the office.

Thank you for your patience and cheerful attitude!  Your instruction and detail will ensure that the quality of the fruit meets the Lord’s standard.

* Couples may bring their own chair, umbrella, water, food and flashlight (if necessary) for this assignment.


Platform Picking Machine Coordinator:  The stake responsible for the sign-in table is also responsible to provide a platform picking machine coordinator.  The picking machine coordinator can be someone who is unable for other reasons to work in the orchard, but it should be someone who is willing and able to make frequent phone calls to make sure the platform picker is constantly staffed. Initial assignments for the picking machine will be distributed to the various stakes prior to the harvest.  The role of the picking machine coordinator is to ensure that the picking machine is constantly staffed.  Keeping the picking machine staffed throughout the day is essential as we move away from ladder picking. The responsibilities of the picking machine coordinator include the following:

·        Obtain from the Medford Stake Pear Farm Labor Coordinator the list of assignments for the various stakes and the names of stake pear farm coordinators.

·        Contact the Stake Pear Farm Coordinators to determine how the assignments have been made in their stake.

·        Create a comprehensive list of the individuals and phone numbers assigned to each day/time.

·        Contact individuals assigned to work the picking machine to remind them of their assignment and respond to any questions.

·        A link on the website will also allow individuals from the multi-stake region to indicate times when they would be available to work on the platform.  Keep a list of these individuals and contact them when gaps appear in the platform picking machine assignments.

·        Remain in contact with the Medford Stake Labor Coordinator (Mark Gustafson at 701-361-3278 ) for any changes or modifications to assignments.