Staging/Water Station


(Water, Sanitary Stations, and Ladders)

The stake assigned to Staging plays a key role in helping to make the harvest go smoothly.  Staging involves maintaining the sanitary stations and providing water to the pickers.  Responsibilities also include making sure that ladders are properly placed when needed.  The responsibilities related to this assignment include the following:


·        Prior to the harvest, make sure that all water and sanitary stations are properly equipped and in working order. Work with the Safety Coordinator (David Layer) to make sure all supplies are available, including:

o        paper towels

o        hand soap

o       water containers (one marked hand wash; one marked drinking water)

o       drinking cups

o       toilet paper

o       trash bags

·        Place water and sanitary stations in appropriate locations in the orchard. Water and sanitary stations will be moved on a regular basis to correspond to picking locations.

·        Make sure signs are prepared in English and Spanish for the sanitary stations stating the importance of washing hands prior to returning to picking.

·        On a daily basis, make sure all water and sanitary stations are properly equipped and supplied.  Obtain additional supplies as necessary from the office/barn.  Generally, it is best to supply the stations at the end of the day for picking the following day.

·        During picking hours, deliver water to pickers using golf carts. It is important to deliver the water on a regular basis, as it allows pickers to keep picking without wasting time.

·        Make sure water and sanitary stations are kept in a clean and orderly manner.

·        Set up the ladders in the lower orchard, and if needed, in the upper orchard.

·        At the end of the harvest, clean up and return all water, sanitary stations, and ladders to their proper storage sites.


The following guidelines provide detailed information about the daily responsibilities of the water station responsibilities.

Water Station Responsibilities

1. Individuals should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to each starting time.
2. Report to the office in the main barn.
3. Sign out for:

  1. Orange vest
  2. Golf cart.

4. Fill drinking containers with water and ice from the freezers.
5. Load golf cart with an adequate supply of cups, paper towels, toilet paper and trash bags.
6. Routinely check that each Restroom and Washing Station has the following:

  1. Adequate toilet paper in the portable restrooms.
  2. Filled washing container.
  3. Hand soap and paper towels.
  4. Adequate drinking water and cups.

7. Leave 2 drinking containers and cups on the cart for mobile water needs.
8. Routinely offer water to the Row Ushers, Forklift Operators, Parking Attendants, and those assigned at the Sign in Stations.
9. Be observant to the hydration needs of all volunteers throughout the orchard.
10. Do not leave the orchard until all volunteers have exited.
11. Gather trash around each station.
12. Return the golf cart, trash, all drinking containers and cups to the office.

Thank you for helping us meet the health needs of our volunteers and making their service in the Lord’s pear farm a positive and uplifting experience!