Klamath Falls Stake

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Below are the Klamath Falls Stake, Ward assignments for the “Platform Picker” Each ward has been assigned dates and times to provide a platform picking crew.  Each crew consists of 12 men/women crews for every platform shift. 8 will be picking from the platform and 4 picking from the ground in front of the platform. Platform picking requires leaning out into the trees and can be demanding.  Both men and women can do this work, but should have good upper body strength.

Signing Up For a Shift

  • Assigned wards are responsible for ensuring that time slots are filled
  • Anyone is welcome to sign up for any time slot regardless of the assigned ward
  • Pick an open time slot from the listing below and send an email to medfordpearorchard@gmail.com to reserve your spot.
  • You will receive an email confirmation when the reservation has been processed and your name will be added to the schedule.

Working the Shift

  • When you sign up, you are committed to work the entire 3-hour shift
  • You need to arrive at least 15 minutes before the shift begins to check in.
  •  If you are not checked in at least 15 minutes before the start of your shift, your shift may be given to someone else
  • You will be directed to the appropriate location from the check in table

No Monday Evening Picking FHE

For more information contact Kent Simons 801-885-7685 email

at kent_simons@hotmail.com

click here and give us those dates and times you
want to work on the platform