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    The 2014 BARTLETT HARVEST IS OFFICIALLY OVER!!!!  Thank you for all of your service!  Stay tuned for the start date of the winter harvest in a few weeks!

    ALL Youth & Adults from 12 years & up are invited to consecrate 12 or more working hours during the harvest, as early as possible in the harvest. 

    Platform Shifts are as follows, please consult your stake coordinator for your wards specific assignments.
    If you are available for a shift other than your ward shift, please email
    medfordpearorchard@gmail.com and let us know which shifts you are
    available for and you will be emailed back if you are added to the shift you requested, on a first come, first serve basis.

    Welcome to the website of the Medford Pear Orchard of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The Medford Orchard is one of 56 production projects of the LDS Church Welfare System. Pears produced at the Medford Pear Orchard are processed and canned in church canneries and used throughout the U.S. to provide relief to needy families and humanitarian aid. The Medford orchard provides pears for the church welfare system. Much of the work performed on the farm is done by local volunteers, including the harvest of over 1.5 million pounds of pears a year.
    We have designed this page to help provide information for members and others who would like to serve at the farm. Please check the links on the sidebar for information about upcoming projects, stake and ward assignments, training, and the harvest.