"Online signup is available for the following positions" 

(Training will be on July 10, 17, and 24 but not all training will take place all three days)

- Blue Platform Driver

- Orange Platform Driver

- Sign In Table

- Orange and Green Vest Coordinators

- Forklift Driver

- Truck Driver

- Tractor Driver

- Ward Farm Coordinator


Filling these positions with trained volunteers is critical to having a safe and smooth harvest so please consider signing up to help.


Platform driver, forklift driver, truck driver, and tractor driver training is mandatory for those who want to do those tasks.

Go to:     www.signupgenius.com/tabs/3377FDE05A2C2EFC06-2021farm

NEW Training Video's on Tractor Safety:

       Tractor Safety Elements                           OSHA Rules for Operation

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