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The Medford Welfare Farm of
The Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter-day Saints

We have designed this site to help provide information for members and others who would like to serve at the Welfare farm. The buttons to the left will direct you to information about upcoming projects, stake and ward assignments, training, and the harvest.

Welcome to

Stake Assignments Map - Click Here!

We have posted links for members (and non-members) to sign up for the 2023 Pear Orchard Harvest that starts this Monday the 21st at 6am!

Our stake will be filling all shifts on the platforms Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. Additional support is needed throughout harvest - as indicated below . We encourage you to PLEASE SIGN UP!

Individuals can come ANYTIME Hours of Operation: M-F from 6am – 1pm, 5pm – Dusk and Saturdays from 6am – 1pm

The following links can all be accessed at under "Sign Up to Volunteer".


  • BLUE and ORANGE platform assignments - ward specific!

  • Harvest Coordinators (Green and Orange Vest)

  • Sign-In Station

  • Water Station Support

  • Kubota Drivers to support Ladder Pickers

*For trained and certified Equipment Drivers only*

  • Platform Drivers

  • Truck Drivers

  • Tractor Drivers

  • Forklift Drivers

We invite you and your family to experience the "joy of the harvest" by making yourselves available for these and other upcoming harvest assignments. Assignments will be coming to you weekly throughout the harvest due to the sporadic ripening of the fruit this year.


Thank you for your consecrated efforts!

Medford Pear Orchard Committee 

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