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The Medford Welfare Farm of
The Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter-day Saints

We have designed this site to help provide information for members and others who would like to serve at the Welfare farm. The buttons to the left will direct you to information about upcoming projects, stake and ward assignments, training, and the harvest.

Welcome to

Stake Assignments Map - Click Here!




In the email reminder I sent last Saturday I said the sign in table would be in the barn at the welfare farm.  After talking with Bro. Roberts today the Asian pear thinning will mainly take place in section G so we will set up the sign in table in section H, which is where the peach trees were.  You can drive into that area directly from Foothill Road and park near the sign in table.


If you have any questions or need additional information please let me know.



Bro. Gustafson

If you need further information please contact the High Council representative for your stake assigned to the Welfare Farm Committee.

The Stake Welfare Farm Coordinators are as follows:

Stake                 Name                       Phone               Email

Central Point      Joe Frodsham     (541) 821-3686

Grants Pass       Michael Stubbs   (541) 821-8851

Klamath Falls     Roger Gwynn      (657) 273-0984

Medford             Mark Gustafson   (701) 361-3278

Roseburg           Ryan Forsloff       (541) 957-8591

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