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We have designed this site to help provide information for members and others who would like to serve at the Welfare farm. The buttons to the left will direct you to information about upcoming projects, stake and ward assignments, training, and the harvest.

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If you need further information please contact the High Council representative for your stake assigned to the Welfare Farm Committee.

Medford                Mark Gustafson   701-361-3278

Central Point        Monte Evarts   (907) 750-6091

Grants Pass         Dan Newbill

Klamath Falls       Larry Shields   541-274-0165

Roseburg             Kyle Reber (541) 530-1753

Every day we are getting additional information from both health officials and our church leaders on what is and isn’t appropriate as everyone works to limit the impact of the COVID-19 virus.  Especially for people over 60 and those with existing health conditions.


With that in mind, it has been decided to temporarily suspend volunteer service work at the welfare farm until we have a better understanding of what may, or may not, be appropriate.  We are hopeful we can resume volunteer service soon and an email will be sent when that happens.


Brother Nielsen currently has enough temporary paid labor to do the work that was planned for the volunteers so the work will be done and there should be no negative impact on this year’s harvest of pears and peaches.


If you have any questions or need additional information please let me know and I will try to get the information.


Thanks to everyone who gives so much of your time and energy to support the farm and service to those who are in need.  We can’t do it without you!



Bro. Gustafson


Our little welfare farm is part of a gigantic and awesome Church welfare system?  From our little orchard, from fields, from farms, from ranches all over the world, to the factories, the canneries, the giant warehouses comes help for hundreds of thousands of people in need all over the world.  It is huge! It is impressive and gets zero funding from the government.  It is our members at their finest, giving of their time and talents.  It is doing the work of the Lord!  It is service!  It is being the “Good Samaritan”!  Luke 10:25-37


37 hearty souls from the Medford Stake came in the winter weather last Saturday to prune and rake limbs? Among these was Marilyn Tobiasson.  It was a special day for her.  Her father, Chuck Smith, was the very first manager when the Church bought the farm in 1977.  And, that day was the 24th anniversary of her father’s funeral.  She said working in the orchard made her feel especially close to her father and happy.  What spirit do you feel when you are working in His vineyard?  “My Spirit shall enlighten your mind, which shall fill your soul with joy” D&C 11:13.


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