The Medford Welfare Farm of
The Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter-day Saints

We have designed this site to help provide information for members and others who would like to serve at the Welfare farm. The buttons to the left will direct you to information about upcoming projects, stake and ward assignments, training, and the harvest.

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The 2022 Bartlett pear harvest at the welfare farm will start at 6am on Tuesday, August 23.  That morning there will be ground picking in the lower orchard off Delta Waters and, if section G is ready, we will also start ground picking there.


The first orange platform shift will be in the lower orchard at 6pm on Tuesday the 23rd.  This assumes there will be enough ground picking completed so we can run the platform for the next 3-4 shifts.


The first blue platform shift is tentatively scheduled to be in section G off Foothill Drive at 6pm on Wednesday, the 24th.  Once again, this assumes there will be enough ground picking completed in that section for the platform to run.


Harvest setup will be at 8am on Monday, August 22.  We are looking for 12 people to help with this and there is a tab on the online sign up for people to sign up.  If we get 12 people signed up this will only take a couple of hours.


Other items of note about this year’s harvest and the online signup.


  1. The online sign up schedule anticipates work in the lower orchard completing by September 3 and the harvest being finished by September 10.  These are only guesses and shifts will be added or removed as the harvest progresses.  Please do not take these dates as anything more than a guess.

  2. The Bartlett pear harvest is estimated to be around 1500 bins but this is also a guess.  Some areas of the orchard look good, and other do not appear to have many pears at all.

  3. A blue platform ground support position has been added to the online sign up.  The platform runs smoother and safer when there is a ground support person.

  4. A tractor driver shift has been added from 4-6pm weekdays and from 10am-noon on Saturday.  The purpose of this shift is to stage bins for the next 24 hours’ work. 

  5. For the week of August 22 the morning shift for ground/ladder starts at 6am with the sign in table starting at 5:45am.  The next week the morning shift for ground/ladder starts at 6:30am with the sign in table starting at 6:15am.  This is because the sun doesn’t rise until 6:30.

  6. Starting the week of September 5 the ground/ladder work ends at 7:30pm because the sun sets around that time but people can work as long as there is light if they’d like.

  7. As was true for last year, it is not necessary to sign up for ground and ladder work.  These are on the online sign up to indicate the work is taking place. The last few days of the online sign up anticipates ground picking will be finished and only ladder and platform work will remain.

  8. The online sign up will be changed as necessary as the harvest progresses.

  9. Roseburg Saturday will the August 27.  We look forward to them coming down and helping.

  10. Youth nights should be coordinated through Sister Pam Olsen.  Her phone number is 541-331-5640.  The young men and women do a great job for us and we look forward to having them helping again this year.  One note – experience has taught us that if we have one supervising adult for every three youth things go well.  The adults are to help the youth and ensure they are working safely – they are not to be picking pears or just socializing.

Please watch the website for any updates and if you have any questions please feel free to contact your stake representative.  Their name, email, and phone number are listed at the beginning of every online sign up task.


Bro. Gustafson

If you need further information please contact the High Council representative for your stake assigned to the Welfare Farm Committee.

The Stake Welfare Farm Coordinators are as follows:

Stake                 Name                       Phone               Email

Central Point      Joe Frodsham     (541) 821-3686

Grants Pass       Michael Stubbs   (541) 821-8851

Klamath Falls     Roger Gwynn      (657) 273-0984

Medford             Mark Gustafson   (701) 361-3278

Roseburg           Ryan Forsloff       (541) 957-8591